P.O. Flowdown

Archimedes Products is an ISO 9001  and AS9100 compliant manufacturer of precision machined parts and assemblies. Established in 1968, Archimedes Products  has made parts to support Long Island's aerospace, defense, medical, computer, and  commercial industries. We are committed to our customers and have made parts for several customers for over 48 years. We offer:

  • CNC Milled Parts
  • CNC Turned Parts
  • Assemblies

In  addition to CNC machining, Archimedes Products offers a wide range of post and secondary processes so that we can provide our customers completely finished parts. Processes are performed by Archimedes Products in-house or by qualified vendors. These processes include:

  • Plating
  • Anodizing
  • Surface, Cylindrical and Blanchard Grinding
  • Chem Film
  • Painting
  • Engraving
  • Parts Marking
  • Ink Fill
  • Installation of Inserts
  • Welding, Brazing, Soldering
  • Heat Treat
  • X-ray, Dye Penetrant, Ultrasound and other Non-Destructive Inspection

Whether you want raw machined parts or completely finished assemblies, Archimedes Products can deliver quality parts and assemblies on a quick turn or scheduled basis.

Archimedes Products is committed to making parts that meet the stringent quality standards of customers in all the industries that we serve.  We practice policies of continual improvement. We work closely with customers and vendors to ensure that our products meet our customers' needs and are delivered on time.